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Our guides offer inspiring color palettes to help clients envision the perfect wardrobe. With these suggestions in mind, they can use their own style as a foundation for upcoming style choices.

color palette inspo

Our comprehensive guides offer a selection of items you can easily purchase with just one click. Every image is linked to the product page so that customers can find what they need.


Make designing a breeze! Our 25+ page PDF guide does the heavy lifting for you - simply download it via email and pass it along to clients. Problem solved - no more hassle with design!


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investment: $40

guide also includes a how to use the guide, tips for shopping, top online favorite retailers and more bonus pages

simple pdf you can send directly to clients

each style includes both clickable images and written description with links

filled with 10+ curated styles each season

Give your clients a truly unique experience with our family seasonal style guides! The perfect tool for photographers who crave creativity, this guide allows you to craft your own unique experience. Whether it's switching up fonts and graphics or even adding personal business info - the sky is truly the limit! This guide includes a link to Canva so you can edit the template to your liking.

01. family style guides

fully customizable canva template link

- Laura B.

As a new photographer I didn’t even know where to start with a style guide, but definitely knew I wanted one. Dirt Road Photography’s guide was exactly what I was looking for!! Clients will love it because it’s beautiful, simple, and easy to use and I love it because it will guide my clients toward the color palettes I love capturing. Thank you for this guide!

 "Clients will love it because it’s beautiful, simple, and easy to use"

- Marie D.

This is what my style guide has been missing! I’m so excited to customize it and get it added so my clients have a one stop shop! It takes the stress out of outfit planning for their sessions and brings so much value to my client experience. Thanks so much, Kelsey for curating these beautiful outfits!

"This is what my style guide has been missing!"

- Kristen J.

These style guides were exactly what I was looking for! My clients have shared how much more enjoyable it has made their photography experience. I would buy these 10x over!

"much more enjoyable photography experience"

- Dana P.

These style guides are so handy for my clients! The guide is great for those who need a little help figuring out what to wear for their session, learning how to match properly, and also give excellent ideas for where to even get them! I'll definitely be using these for all family sessions I book!

"This is great for figuring out what to wear for their session"

Looking for the perfect shopping experience? Our guides have got you covered, with a wide selection of local and popular stores. Whether your customers are after high-end fashion or budget essentials, we've included everything from J. Crew to Amazon! Plus Old Navy and Gap too - so everyone can find something they love.

Outfit planning made effortless! With these seasonal guides, you can send your client workflows into overdrive. Just upload the pdfs and they'll be ready to go in no time - so simple it's almost like magic. No more struggling with out-of-sync outfits; this guide has all the answers for a perfectly coordinated look every single time!

Need a little extra guidance? Our experts have you covered - our bonus pages are overflowing with helpful information, including an introduction to using the guide and some of our favorite online retailers should your shopping require more inspiration. Get ready for an informed & inspired journey!

Our guides provide clients with top-notch fashion tips, curating stylish ensembles they'll love. Plus, included links make shopping a breeze - taking the guess work out of their preparations and motivating them to look their best for photos!

Here's why our guides are better and different!

Struggling to come up with the perfect response for your clients? Worry no more - we've got you covered! Our new style guides are here, offering 10+ possibilities per guide. You'll be able to quickly find something that fits each individual perfectly and send them off on their shopping journey in one click – so fast & easy that it's practically effortless! Stop wasting time manual-typing emails: get our style guides today, and watch as they revolutionize customer relations. *Please be aware that SOME of these links within these guides are affiliate links, which means I do get a small commission if you purchase from that link (with no added cost to you!)

about our portrait guides

- Amelia M.

This style guide is truly just what my clients need! Not only does it completely take the pressure off of my clients to search the internet to find the outfits with direct links to purchase the outfits, but this guide also results in images that reflect more of my brand. It's a win-win for my clients and myself as the photographer. Thank you Dirt Road Photography!

"this guide results in images that reflect more of my brand"

- Bailey D.

This is what my family style guides, and workflow were missing! It is so great to be able to send a family this guide with outfits ideas, color schemes and even links for where to purchase. The guide is super easy to customize and add in your own brand. Well worth the small investment to help with my branding and workflow. Thank you, Kelsey, I cannot wait for the fall guide.


- Alysha S.

This style guide is the perfect addition to my workflow! It requires minimal branding tweaks and it’s ready to use. My clients are loving the options and I am loving how easy the styling process has become. Thank you Kelsey for creating this amazing guide for me and my clients.

"This style guide is the perfect addition to my workflow!"

This is not for the photographer who prefers bright and colorful outfits. We've created guides filled with muted and soft toned outfits intended for those who prefer the light and airy feel.

You prefer to be more hands on and style each portrait session based upon specific locations or details about their session. This might include sizes and styles that fit each body type.

You want to give your clients a customized experience and make them feel like you're a full service photographer who is there for them every step of the way.

You don't have the time to create curated wardrobes for you clients but want to give them guidance on what to wear for their portraits to ensure they show up dressed for success!

this senior & family guides aren't for everyone. honestly, i’d prefer that you figure out if it’s the perfect fit before you waste your moolah!

Not sure if the style guides are right for you?

We're so excited you're ready to invest in your clients success! These guides are sure to eliminate those mismatched outfits and continuous back and forth emails about what to wear.

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holiday mini family STYLE GUIDE


fall family STYLE GUIDE




spring family STYLE GUIDE



We've built the guides to be seasonal. We'll release one about a month prior to the upcoming season. We choose this to ensure you're not bogging down your clients with information not pertaining to a specific season.

05. is this a one time purchase or will I need others?

As of the time of the release of each seasonal guide yes, all links are active on their websites! We do our best to source items that ideally won't go out of stock quickly but we cannot control what companies have items on hand.

04. are these clothing items all current?

Get access right away to your style guides! We've used a check-out process that will allow you to open them instantly. Great to download and send directly with zero wait time.

03. WHEN WILL I GET ACCESS TO THE style guides?

Yes! Since they're created as PDF's these will work on both mobile and desktop to send to clients. This is perfect for them to shop in their free time for those outfits.

02. will these work on mobile devices?

We've made them as pdf guides so you can simply email them, embed them within your crm workflow or even add them as clickable downloads on your client lounge.

01. How do I send these guides to clients?

Have a question about our guides? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, please reach out via email: kelseyhomolka@gmail.com


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